LAPSUS is a thrilling 2D Puzzle-Platformer that requires players to think in multiple timelines simultaneously. Get ready to squeeze your brain to solve challenges in a way never seen before. Jump through dangerous saw traps, freeze yourself or turn upside down your world while overcoming 80+ levels across four unique worlds. ¡Prepare to push your mind and fingers to the limit!

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Soul Flame

Soul Flame is an exciting 2D puzzle game that will take you through a captivating mystery where you'll have to solve challenging puzzles with the help of your wits and your own console. Discover the story behind an enigmatic cursed cartridge and tackle the task of uncovering the secrets hidden by the tower dragon.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating and thrilling adventure, and put your mental skills to the test as you venture into a world full of dangers and puzzles to solve. Are you ready to face this challenge and unravel the mysteries of Soul Flame?